Truffles chocolate raspberries

Truffles chocolate raspberries
Truffles chocolate raspberries

Raspberries, dark chocolate dominate the powerful white agricole rum, it's absolutely amazing to taste a choco-fruity dessert with some unaged rum, agricole rum ! Do not be afraid and go for it !   

The Perfect Agreement

For 60 at 75 truffles

Preparation :

Bring the mashed raspberries  / glucose syrup mixture to a boil and pour over the finely chopped chocolate.

Stir gently with a maryse always in the center so that the mixture is formed.

Once the mixture is homogeneous, add the butter in small cubes and mix with the blender being careful not to incorporate any bubbles of air.

Spread this mixture evenly on a film tray and cover with food film. Let the ganache in the fridge about 3 hours.

Cut cubes as regularly as possible and then using gloves, form each cube of ganache in his hands in small balls.

Refrigerate again.

Melt dark chocolate (61% for example) in a bain-marie at around 35 ° C, (be careful not hoter ) then put on gloves, coat each truffle with a little chocolate and then roll it in cocoa powder using a fork. Remove the excess cocoa using a pellet.

The truffles are ready to be tasted !