Too much sugar added.


Official Bottling, OB for directly from the distillery.

Oak barrel

Oak barrel with a capacity of 225 liters or 228 liters 

Oaky/ Woody

Tasting term denoting smells and flavors of vanilla, baking spices, coconut, mocha or dill caused by barrel-aging


Law acidity and velvety texture.

Planteur cocktail

Punch with fruit juice, rum, nutmeg and cinnamon apple-cinnamon - fruit whose interior is the color of cinnamon.

Pleasant (tasting)

A greedy pleasure, nice aromas on the nose and in mouth.

Pot Still

pot still is a type of distillation apparatus or still used to distill alcoholic spirits 


Generous rum with a great strengh.

Premium (Rum)

A rum supposed to be a better quality.


Alcohol is a measure of the content of ethanol (alcohol) in an alcoholic beverage. The term was originally used in England and was equal to 1,821 times the alcohol by volume (ABV). The UK now uses the standard ABV instead of alcohol proof. In the United States, alcohol proof is defined as the percentage of ABV.

The measurement of alcohol content and the statement of content on alcoholic beverages is regulated by law in many countries.

Rich (tasting)

A large aromatic palette (it could be fruity + spiced + woody + flowerly + vegetal + mineral) 

Robe or wine's color

Its color gives clues about the category of rum, the alcoholic power, the richness in sugar (natural or added)


This style of rum is certainly the most attractive because it is light (made with molasses or cane sugar honey), very sweet and pleasant. It is known and recognized that these rums are sweetened and more or less sweet according to the countries. You find this style of rum in Cuba, Dominican Republic, Venezuela, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Panama, Colombia, Peru, Costa Rica, etc ...


An alcoholic liquor or spirit distilled from molasses or some other fermented sugar-cane product : white, aged, infusion with fruits, herbs... Also named : ron or rhum in other countries.



Rum from molasses, so industrial rum. Commonly called RUM. This style of rum is quite lively and strong. For a long time, this style of rum was only used for blends because they have a recognizable character thanks to pot stills that  bring a different structure and a spicy side. This particular style of rum was used to feed the Navy. This style of rum is found in Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago, Saint Lucia, Barbados, Virgin Islands (British and USA), Mauritius, Antigua, etc.