Plantation, 18th century, a farm including a main residence, dependency for the servants, sheds for the machines and huts for the workers (slaves until 1848). Devoted to the exploitation of the cane.


Very pleasant rum, with a good sensation of melted aromas. 


Too woody with too much tanins develop a harsh feeling in mouth. 

Head of the distillation


It's the first part of the distillate the first juice. This part is composed of methanol is therefore toxic. Always discarded.


Relative to plants (hay, fresh and dry herbs ...)

High Ester

Rum with af high flavor threshold greater than 500g / PPM. It comes from a mixture of molasses and vinasse generally aged. Very concentrated in aromas (some great aroma can exceed 1000g / PPM ...), it was more often used in cooking, pastry or mixology than for tasting  but now the quality is much more better and suitable for a great tasting of the Grand Aroma. The Hampden from Jamaica or Savanna from Reunion island are perfect examples (highly recommended for an unforgettable tasting).

Short story :  In Jamaica, you even find to see flowers, plants, dead animals or decaying fruits that are added voluntarily in the vinasse (dunder) which is already aging in a simple wooden tray and in full sun!


Independant Bottling. Someone who bought some rum from a distillery and bottle it later on. 

Industrial (rum)

Molasse, cane sugar juice from sugar industry, it represents 95 % of the world rum production. Low ester rum *light rum".


Herbs, fruits or spices macerated in rum.

Iron still

Also called Pot Still (English term) for which a double or triple distillation is necessary. Names of the inventors: Privat, Muller... 


From English kill-devil, means the ancestor of rum. Kill Devil, is the first name given to sugar cane alcohol in the British West Indies.

La route des épices

Along the "spice route" which was travelled through three centuries ago by the great navigators where the famous East India Company was celebrated in the 16th century.  We can find the spicy flavors of vanilla, cinnamon, nutmeg, cardamom, ginger, pepper, pepper and many others that are contributed in part by the natural aging in oak barrels, the terroir and the fermentation, each bringing their own specificity.


Aromas persistance in mouth.


A non-concentrated rum with less than 60g/PPM. For example : Cuban rum 


 All aromas, tanins become soft, so harmonious at the tasting.


A thick syrup produced during the refining of sugar. The color can be dark but also brown.